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Look For Books Detailing These Significant Events In Texas History

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Before it even became a state, Texas had a long and interesting history. As such, there are plenty of history books about Texas. While you may enjoy reading a more general book that gives an overview of Texas history, you may also want to look for books that focus on specific events. Consider looking for Texas history books that focus on one of the following significant events.

The Texas Revolution

The Texas Revolution took place in 1835. It was an effort of the colonists in Texas to stand up to the government of Mexico. There were vast cultural differences between Texas and Mexico, and this was Texas' chance to insist on living in accordance with its people's own culture. Texas did win this war, and as a result, they gained their independence from Mexico. This resulted in a new constitution being written for Texas, too. A history book about the Texas Revolution will likely detail the causes of the war, the casualties involved, and the way Texas built its government in the years that followed.

Texas' Admission to the Union

Texas officially became a U.S. state in 1845, just a decade after the Texas Revolution began. They were the 28th state at their time of admission. A history book sharing details about this event is likely to include details about the process by which a territory can become a U.S. state. As such, it can offer some insights into the way that the U.S. government works. Such a book will probably also share details about the voters who voted for admission to the union, and those who voted against it. You may be fascinated to learn why some people were actually opposed to Texas becoming a U.S. state.

Texas Seceding from the Union

Texas seceded from the Union in 1861 as a part of the Civil War. A book about this event is likely to offer a lot of insights into the Civil War itself and also into Texas' role in the rebellion. You'll likely learn the reasons why Texas chose to join the Confederacy, how Texas residents felt about slavery at the time, and the roles that many Texans played in various battles. You'll also learn some interesting details about how the war ended and the changes that were made in Texas in the years after the war.

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