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Summer Heat: Cognitive Functions May Be Affected By A Faulty Air Conditioner

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You may want to hold off fixing your air conditioning system because you think you can do without it for awhile. But the truth is living without your air conditioning system during seasons of extreme heat is not a good idea. The following are just a few ways that heat and a malfunctioning air conditioner can hurt you and your family.

Your Overall Mood Might Be Affected

Staying in a hot home with a high level of humidity might affect your mood. Some studies show that people tend to feel a little tired when there is too much humidity in a place. You might waste a lot of your day sitting on the couch or feeling grumpy because the humidity in your home is not controlled. You might also feel a lack of affection towards your partner or your children, which could cause unnecessary arguments. Air conditioner repair might help keep you in a positive mood.

Concentration Or Your Attention Span Might Suffer

You or your children have a lot to do during the day (or when you or your children get home). You might need to catch up with some office work, or your children might need to work on homework. But, it is hard to complete these tasks if you or your children are having a hard time concentrating because of the heat. The heat stresses your brain, which dulls some of its functions, like the ability to concentrate. 

The ideal temperature, according to a study performed on students, found that the best temperature, is 72 degrees. This should help keep your family calm, cool, and ready to take on responsibilities.

Heat Could Possibly Cause Anxiety

Heat (for some people) might be so detrimental to their state of mind that they may feel more anxious during a heatwave. This could cause all kinds of problems; for one, you or a loved one could suffer from more panic attacks if he or she already has a problem with anxiety attacks. But you might be able to prevent this by making sure your air conditioner keeps the house at a comfortable temperature. 

You can talk to your air conditioner system specialist about what might be wrong with your AC system so that he or she can help offer you an estimate on the work. But, as you can see, the price of not fixing your AC system may be too high for you and your family.