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Disaster Preparedness: Don't Forget To Take A Trip To The Fabric Store

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Preppers talk a lot about hoarding food and weapons in case of disaster, but you don't hear much about hoarding sewing supplies. However, if you are a smart prepper, you know that there are many necessary supplies you can get straight from your local fabric store.


If you've never looked at a needle display, you'll be shocked at just how many types of needles are available. Needles are classified first by the type of point they have, which can be ball point, sharp or wedge. These are further classified by the type of work they are used for. For example, quilting needles are heavier gauge and have sharp, tapered points for penetrating multiple layers of cloth, while ballpoint needles are used to sew easily damaged fabrics without destroying the fibers. There are even special needles for sewing denim, leather and yarn work.


Thread is what holds all sewn materials together, and it can also have other practical uses, such as a substitute for dental floss when supplies run out. For a good, all-purpose thread, choose polyester. It has a little stretch, so it doesn't break easily. You should have some regular and heavy-duty strengths polyester threads. Embroidery floss is a type of thread that comes in small multi-ply skeins that are easier to store in tight spaces than regular thread.

Safety Pins

Safety pins are an essential part of any survival kit. They come in a myriad of sizes and shapes. Safety pin sizes are designated in 00 to 4, with Size 00 being 3/4 inch long. Size 4 safety pins are also called "blanket pins," and are typically from 1.5 to 1.8 inches long and a made of a heavier gauge steel. It's helpful to have an assortment of sizes to cover every need.

Foam Rubber

Fabric stores that sell upholstery fabrics also may carry different sizes of foam rubber, from small pillow forms to pieces large enough to make a mattress. Foam can be squeezed into tight spaces for travel. If you are going to be camping or sleeping in the back of your vehicle for any period of time, a foam rubber mat and pillow can make your experience a lot more comfortable.

Candle Making Supplies

One essential for a survival kit is candles, but candles eventually burn down to nothing. The craft section of your local fabric store will probably have candle wax, wicks and molds. Making utility candles is relatively simple, even in basic survival conditions.

When you're looking for disaster prepping supplies, take a trip to your local fabric store (such as Brandt's Interiors & Workroom) to see what you can find. Think outside the box for all possible uses for the different items to get the best bang for your buck.