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New Washer Features That Are Worth Springing For

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Were you overwhelmed the last time you stopped by your local appliance store to look for a new washer? It seems like many of the new washer models come with more buttons than you need to operate a spaceship. Here are a few buttons that are actually worth having on your next washer. 

Auto-Load Sensor

With an auto-load sensing washer, you no longer have to stare at the clothes that you just put in the washer and play the size guessing game. You know, that game where you try to decide if you should set your washer load size to medium, or add a few more things that may need to be washed just so you can hit the large load button with confidence. With an auto-load sensing washer, you will never have to play the size guessing game again. You can just throw your clothes into the washer. Once the washer feels the weight of the clothes inside of it, it can select the right size for you and customize the amount of water it uses based on how much stuff you put inside of the washer. 

Automatic Temperature Control

When you select hot or cold on most machines, the water comes out at whatever hot or cold is that day according to your water heater. That means on hot summer days the water you use may actually be hotter, and on cold days, even the hot water is probably cooler than you think. Washers with automatic temperature adjust the temperature of the water based on what comes out so that hot and cold mean the same thing year round. 

Automatic Dispensers

If you are ever forgetful, then this feature was made for you. You can add enough soap to last for a month, and your washer will release the right amount of soap that each load needs. You will never have to stare at a load again and try to remember if you added the soap. 

Extra Rinse Cycle

If you have a sensitivity to detergent residue, this is a nice feature to have. You can just set your washer to always rinse your clothes twice so you do not have to deal with irritated skin due to detergent residue. 

Large Capacity 

If your household is comprised of more than two people, especially little ones, than you need a larger washer. There are lots of affordable large capacity washers on the market. 

You do not need every snazzy feature out there; however, a washer with an auto load sensor, automatic temperature control and an automatic soap dispenser can turn washing your clothes into a science with little effort on your part. If you have a big family or are sensitive to detergent residue, you can purchase a washer to meet those needs as well.

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