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Having an Outdoor Party? Set Up a Frame Tent

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If you are having an outdoor party, you cannot control the weather. Because of this, you should consider setting up a frame tent in case you get rain, high winds, etc. This will keep your guests dry, as well as food and other items at the party. Below is information about this type of tent so you can purchase or rent one for your party. 

Frame Tent

A frame tent has tent poles with a roof structure that holds the tent up. You can find frame tents in a variety of sizes and heights. This means even if you are having a very large party, you can find a frame tent that will work well for you. 

If placed on grass, stakes are drilled into the ground to make sure the tent stays stable. If you need to place the tent on concrete or asphalt, water barrels are often used to keep the tent in place, or the tent company may choose to use cement blocks. 

Benefits of a Frame Tent

One benefit of choosing a frame tent is there are no poles in the middle of the tent like there are with pole tents. This gives you much more room to set up your party and gives guests more room to mingle under the tent. 

Frame tents are sturdier than other types of tents. This means this is a good option if you plan to use the tent long term, such as if you are planning to have a lot of parties. If you live in a windy area, you will not have to worry about the fence blowing down as long as it is installed correctly. 

A frame tent can also have flooring installed. This is especially beneficial if you are placing the tent on grass. This gives your guests a much sturdier place to walk, and you won't have to worry about your guests getting their shoes dirty or getting grass stains on them. 

Frame tents are lightweight, so they are easy to put up and then easy and quick to take down. You can have the tent in a variety of sizes so make sure you measure your area before choosing one. This way you know it will fit well when the company arrives to set up your tent. 

Contact a company that rents frame tents, or you can purchase one if you plan to use the tent long-term.