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Love Jewelry? Two Reasons to Add a Few State-Themed Pieces to Your Collection

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Owning a great jewelry collection gives you a lot of flexibility. Even the most casual loungewear comes alive when you play it up with the right earring and necklace set and if you throw in a matching bracelet you've just taken an outfit from day to night. Your current jewelry collection may be primarily comprised of the standard gold and silver pieces but you want to do more. Purchasing a few pieces that display state names and emblems can add just the right amount of pizzaz to give you a fashionable edge.

Put Your Pride on Display With State-Themed Jewelry

There are some places in the country that are known for creating unique, statement pieces that stand out and speak volumes. For example, have you ever come across a person wearing a necklace with a medallion that was made in the same shape as the state of Texas? The figure is almost unmistakable and just seeing it lets you know that individual has a lot of pride in their home state.

You can do the same thing by investing in state-themed pieces. Embellish the theme by purchasing charms that further accentuate the foundational state. Think of how adorable it would be to wear a bracelet with a texas charm that is surrounded by corresponding ranch-related pieces. It's a simple touch that can mean so much as you let the world know how much you love the state you were born in.

Spark Conversation With State-Themed Jewelry

If you like going out to meet new people it's good to have a ready-made icebreaker. Some of the folks you come across every day may be from the exact same place as you without you being aware of it. Wearing state-themed jewelry is a fantastic way to get conversations started. Who knows how many wonderful friends you'll meet in the process!

Start with great earrings and work your way down. The cashier at your favorite store could surprise you by saying they went to college in the state you are wearing and your banker might join the fun by confessing that they met their spouse in your hometown. It's an instant way to bond with others as you relate stories of yesteryear.

State-themed jewelry comes in tons of different designs to suit every kind of taste imaginable. Start adding to your collection by perusing your options through services like the Texas State Preservation Board.