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Why Choose A Vehicle Rooftop Tent?

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Going on a road trip can be a wonderful experience. There's nothing like visiting different places to remind you how large and interesting the world truly is. Doing something out of the ordinary like going on a road trip can help you get out of a rut if your life feels too stagnant.

Long road trips will require you to spend several nights outside the comfort of your home. That's where you should consider a vehicle rooftop tent. These tents can be pitched right atop the roof of your car, so you'll always have a place to crash for the night. Here are four reasons to choose a vehicle rooftop tent:

1. You can choose between hardshell and softshell varieties.

Vehicle rooftop tents come in both hard and soft varieties. Hardshell rooftop tents are very sturdy. They will shelter you from the rain, so you'll never have to worry about waking up soaked in the middle of the night. However, soft tents are more portable. Soft tents can be taken down, folded up, and stored in a compact carrier. Softshell tents are more lightweight, which may matter to you if you're trying to maximize your gas mileage. Ultimately, you can choose the style of vehicle rooftop tent that works best for you.

2. You will always have a place to pitch your tent.

When you invest in a vehicle rooftop tent, you'll never have to waste time looking for a place to pitch your tent. These tents can be securely assembled on top of your car or truck. All you need is a parking spot, and you'll be ready to stop for the night at a moment's notice.

3. You will be able to skip the motels.

When traveling by car, some people choose to spend the night in motels. However, renting a room every night can quickly add to the cost of your trip. When you're on a budget, sleep in your rooftop tent and skip the motels altogether. This option may be particularly appealing during the coronavirus pandemic. Sleeping in a vehicle rooftop tent can also help you to effectively remain socially distant from others on your journey.

4. You will be safely out of the way of animals.

Vehicle rooftop tents can also provide more security than standard tents. Since these tents are pitched on the roof of your car or truck, they offer the advantage of elevation. You can sleep well knowing you're safely out of the reach of curious animals.