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Hygge: Outfitting Your Home The Danish Way This Winter

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There are many Danish ideas that have migrated across the world – Lego bricks, the loudspeaker, and insulin, among many others – but the most recent Danish trend to sweep across the United States is the concept of hygge. Hygge (pronounced who-guh) as a word doesn't have a direct English translation, but is generally defined as an overall feeling of coziness and comfort, such that it creates a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing. So if you're looking to create such an atmosphere, especially with the winds of winter coming up hard on your heels, then here are a few hygge-filled ideas for your home you ought to consider.

Let Your Light Shine

Your first step on your trip to hygge should definitely be to invest in candles – preferably a dozen or so. Not only do candles smell really good (and are incredibly customizable to your décor), but they add to the sense of coziness and warmth that is so important to achieving hygge. Place the candles anywhere that they won't light the drapes or clothes on fire – your dining table, by the entryway, on coffee tables or alcoves within your home – and shut the curtains against the outside world; no matter the size of your home, it will automatically feel warmer and cozier with this nod to hygge.

Think Thick

Thick-knit scarves and cardigans are totally in fashion this winter – and this style just happens to coincide perfectly with the idea of hygge. Placing chunky-knit blankets on your couches and chairs – or even purchasing a chunky-knit area rug for those freezing, unforgiving hardwood floors – can not only give you something to put on your legs and feet when they start getting chillier during the winter nights, but also helps your house look cozier and comfier, which is essential to creating a sort of aura of hygge. White is a great color for these accessories, but light tans and browns can also add coziness without assaulting the eyes with bright, unrestful hues.

Customize Everything

Here's your chance to outfit your home not with what may look impressive to a visiting company boss, but with what feels coziest to you. The ultimate expression of hygge is to create an environment where you can be totally relaxed, not looking at couches too nice to sit on or plates too nice to use. It may feel sort of extravagant to customize your space to fit just you (or just you and your partner), but your home will feel much cozier if everything in it is useful to you in some ways and nothing is present just for decoration. So use your favorite plates (nothing feels nicer than eating off dishes that please your eye), lay out the books you're reading on the coffee table – create a space where you feel cozy and an aura of hygge that not only makes you but also guests comfortable as well will follow.

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