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Top Steps to a More Beautiful Lawn

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Are you tired of having the least appealing lawn in the neighborhood? Do you want your lawn next year to be talked about because of how beautiful the grass is?  Having a pretty lawn can be a difficult task sometimes, but it doesn't have to be an impossible one. There are things you can do that will help give you a greener thumb than you've had in the past. Some things you can do include the following.

Install a sprinkler system: One of the worst things you can do to a lawn is to overwater or underwater it. If you're watering manually, chances are good that you're overwatering some sections while underwatering other portions. Overwatering can lead to rotting roots and dying grass. On the other hand, if your grass has too little water, then it won't be able to grow either. Installing lawn sprinklers from a company like Krupske Sprinkler Systems can be a great way to ensure that you're getting an even application of water on your grass. You'll no longer have sections that get watered twice or that are accidentally forgotten during the course of a watering session.

Fertilize regularly: Some people neglect to fertilize their lawn because they don't want to encourage weeds. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking may help to promote the very weeds that you were hoping to prevent. Without fertilizer, grass is not going to grow very well, and there may be bald spots in places. This is true even if you water regularly with the lawn sprinklers that you've had installed. But if you purchase and use fertilizer from your local lawn-care store, your grass will grow in vigorously and fill in any bald spots. This will help to prevent weeds from sprouting in the first place so you'll have a significantly lower number of weeds to deal with in the future.

Stop mowing: Obviously, you don't want to completely cease mowing. However, you may be cutting your grass too short for it to prosper well. The blades of grass are how your lawn makes much of its food. While fertilizer helps your lawn grow, that's not all that it needs to eat. If you cut your lawn extremely short, your grass won't be able to create food out of water, carbon dioxide, and fertilizer. Your lawn may also dry out more quickly when its cut short than if you leave it long. Instead of setting your lawn mower to the lowest setting so that you can avoid mowing, raise the blades up and mow more frequently.