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Two Routine Myths About Ceiling Fans Refuted

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Adding ceiling fans throughout your home can be an excellent investment to make. However, you may not seriously consider this project due to a lack of accurate information regarding ceiling fans. In particular, it is fairly common for individuals to believe a few of the more common myths concerning ceiling fans. To help you make an accurate decision about whether this is a good investment for your home, you will want to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the following truths behind these notions.

Myth: A Ceiling Fan Will Only Help With Cooling Your Home

There is a frequently believed myth that ceiling fans are only suitable for cooling homes. However, these fans can provide valuable assistance to your heating system during the winter months. Warm air will rise, and in a home setting, this can cause the warm air to become trapped against the ceiling. When this occurs, you might experience severe difficulties regulating the temperature in your house. Also, you may find that your energy bills increase as the heating system will have to compensate for this unevenly distributed air.

Ceiling fans can help to prevent this problem by breaking up these stagnant layers of air. To this end, most fans will have a mode on them that circulates the air at the ceiling down to the floor. This mode will depend on the configuration of the blades of the fan, but the owner's manual will provide guidance on the various settings for the unit.

Myth: Ceiling Fans Do Not Require Regular Maintenance

In most cases, a ceiling fan will be an extremely reliable device to have in your home. However, some homeowners will fail to appreciate the fact that these fans require regular care to keep them in good condition. This is due to the fact that the moving parts of the fan are likely to suffer wear and tear over the course of time.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps that you can take to protect your ceiling fans from these risks. In particular, you should make it a point to regularly dust the ceiling fan. Failure to remove dust accumulations can allow these particles to get into the interior workings of the fan. When this occurs, the motor may become jammed. Another maintenance task that your fans may require is to be properly balanced. Over time, the fan will come out of alignment, which can cause it to sway from side to side when it is in operation. This may not seem as though it would pose a serious threat, but this can put tremendous stress on the bolts that hold the fan to the ceiling. As a result, this problem may make the fan more likely to collapse. If you notice the fan swinging from side to side, you should have an experienced fan repair professional come to your home and rebalance the fan.

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