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Custom Picture Frame Design Tips

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The true essence and beauty of artwork is best revealed when the piece is paired with the appropriate frame. An incorrect frame style or even size can actually inhibit the full potential of a piece. Before choosing a custom frame option, make sure you know what to consider.

Think Opposites

Try to stick with a frame style that is opposite the style of the piece. Take a cluttered or busy piece, for example. It would be less appealing to pair a piece designed in this fashion with an overly busy frame, such as one with ornate detail. This frame will only distract viewers from the piece and cause them to focus on the frame. Given this scenario, a thin frame in a neutral color would be a better option. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a cleaner piece might be better paired with a more detailed frame to add a dramatic appeal.

Consider Your Space

The space where you plan to display the artwork is also an important factor to consider. While you want the piece to stand out in the room, you want it to look like it belongs in the space. Choose a frame that will also be complementary to the area in which it will hang. Take a traditional dining room fashioned in neutral tones, such as browns and white, for instance. Choosing a shiny, lime green frame doesn't exactly suit the space. Although you don't have to make your frame a twin of the room's design, it should at least be a cousin.

Size Correctly

The size of your artwork only offers an idea of the size of your frame. Never choose a frame that is the same size as your piece. Allow for a slightly larger frame to make the piece look more professional and add aesthetic appeal. The larger the frame, the wider a border it can accommodate. Paper, canvas and glass are some of the more popular options you can choose from.

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the photograph, the smaller the border it can accommodate. Reserve a large frame with a wide border for small pieces for the best outcome.

Although it's helpful to have a general idea what you want, don't hesitate to also rely on the expertise of a company like Artistic Wholesale Supply. The designer can help ensure your piece is paired with the appropriate type of frame.