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Get Creative With Paper Lanterns

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Paper lanterns are inexpensive, beautiful, and versatile. These lanterns can be packed away flat for easy storage, and they come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. You can purchase paper lanterns online and they make a great decoration for all kinds of different events. Here are a few ways you can get creative with your paper lanterns and add some beauty and interest to your next event or decor.


Hang paper lanterns from the ceiling of your reception hall. Stagger them at different lengths to give them a whimsical appeal, and embellish them with flowers, glitter, or even strings of pearls. Use a hot glue gun to add any kind of decorative embellishment you like, and you can choose add-ons that will go with your reception theme colors. These lightweight lanterns can really add a pretty layer of light to any reception, and they don't cost a fortune. 

Birthday Parties

For birthday parties, you can use paper lanterns that are decorated with any theme you can imagine. Glue colorful butterflies to the lanterns for a girl's party, or hang them in a row attached to ribbon to make a cute garland. Buy lanterns in different colors to add some pops of color to the party, and you can also cluster them together over the table to make a fun chandelier. 

Outdoor Gatherings

You can use paper lanterns outdoors for your next cookout or outside shindig. Hang them along the fence line or under a pergola for a festive evening glow. You can even hang them from trees to give the outdoor area a really beautiful nighttime look. Since these lanterns are very lightweight, they can be hung almost anywhere outside with ease, and they'll definitely make your next party a lot more festive. 

Inside Decor

The use of inexpensive paper lanterns doesn't have to be confined to parties and gatherings. You can replace your current lighting with these beautiful lanterns indoors as well. Some lanterns are much larger in size, and they look beautiful hung over a dining room table. They also look lovely in a child's nursery and can provide a soothing and warm glow in the room. Change out the fixture in your own bedroom with a paper lantern for a nice, calming light that hangs over the bed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using these delicate lights, and they are simple yet elegant as well as affordable.

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