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Four Landscape Design Projects That You Should Never DIY

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These days there are plenty of DIY yard projects that can be tackled by amateurs. Then again, there are other large scale projects might be a little outside of your DIY scope. If your upcoming landscape design ideas involve construction, irrigation or electrical work, these might be harder projects than a standard homeowner can tackle on their own. Here are four landscaping projects that shouldn't be DIY if you aren't a yard or construction expert.

1. Irrigation Systems

Sometimes watering systems can be harder to install than you think. It's one thing to move around hoses and stand-alone sprinklers, but it is quite another to put in built-in sprinkler systems or irrigation pipes with tubing and spraying attachments. These might projects best left to the professionals in order to control water pressure and usage.

2. Retaining Walls and Tiered Planters on a Hill

If your property backs up to a hill or is on a sloped setting, setting up secured landscaping can be a challenge. Retaining walls or fencing on a hillside need to be put in correctly to protect erosion and keep your home safe. There can be factors with hills that can lead to further damage if initial landscaping isn't handled correctly with supports and foundation precautions.

3. Outdoor Lighting and Electrical Work

If you are working on areas in your yard to set up for entertaining, this might be more work than you think. If you are adding in lighting for pathways or mood lighting around a patio, electrical work should be left to landscapers. If they need to call in additional electrical workers or contractors, this can be their call to make sure that electrical work is done correctly and safely.

4. Decks and Patios

Adding to your outdoor space with either decks attached to your home or patios in your yard might be an arduous task. Landscapers can help make sure that these are built well and fit in with the rest of your landscape design. Laying down wood, tiling, or cement can be hard to install correctly if you aren't used to working with these materials. Work can be completed quickly and expertly by a professional team that has working knowledge with installation.

Setting up gardens and pathways may be okay projects for the everyday homeowner, but when projects get more complicated it is a good idea to start with a professional landscaper. They can see your entire yard project through to the end and give advice for maintenance in the future.