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3 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Blinds

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There are so many different materials you can choose for blinds, so how do you know what to choose? Here are 3 important factors that can help you to choose the right style and material for each window.

Sun Exposure

First, the amount of sun exposure matters because some materials look worn more easily than others. For example, you should never select a vinyl blind for a room where the sun makes direct contact with the blinds because the vinyl will turn yellow.

For rooms with high sun exposure, consider installing a Roman shade that is made out of fabric. You can also use a composite blind that has some vinyl in the material, but it will not turn yellow because of the other materials mixed in.

In addition, consider choosing a lighter-colored blind for a room with high sun exposure because you are more likely to see warping if you choose black or really dark blinds. The dark blinds will absorb more sunlight as well, and they will not keep your house as cool.

Light Blockage

Secondly, you need to consider how much light blockage you need from your blinds. Traditional aluminum slat blinds will keep a lot of light out, but they still let light in because it is not possible to seal the slats all the way when you pull the cord to shut them. 

If you want a shade that will provide complete light blockage, then use a Roman shade blind or a bamboo shade that is one full piece. When these shades are down, they provide the best coverage and light blockage compared to traditional slat blinds.

Style Choice

Third, the style of the blind can change the look of a room in your home. If you use traditional aluminum blinds that are inexpensive and bendable, then this will not enhance the look of the room.

If you want a more upscale or classy look, then consider blinds that have slats that are two to three inches wide. These blinds are sturdier than the thin aluminum ones, and they also give your home a beautiful style.

You can also choose one piece blinds blinds that have no slats, and these are probably the classiest of all because they are completely uniform without gaps. 

By considering these 3 factors, you can adequately find the right blinds for each window in your home that will let the right amount of light in while looking stylish.