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Three Landscaping Trends For Your Backyard Oasis

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It's never too early to begin planning your garden, even in the dead of winter. Keep yourself toasty and warm with daydreams of your ideal garden oasis. Listed below are three landscaping trends that can help you turn your humdrum garden into a backyard getaway.

#1: Natural Landscapes

Who knows how to "do" nature better than Mother Nature herself? Do away with manicured gardens and man-made walkways in favor of unshaped and free landscaping. Allow your garden to grow as nature intended, and you won't regret the truly stunning results.

Not only can this approach be beautiful, but it can also be beneficial to your garden's health. Increased plant diversity attracts a wide array of wildlife to nourish your soil and keep it healthy, requiring less fertilizer be used. Your unmanicured garden need not feel unruly—plan your garden's spread to make it seem connected while still appearing au natural and free roaming.

#2: The Sounds of the Wild

Bird watching enthusiasts have been doing what's trending for years, and that's attracting nature right into their own backyards. Attract a beautiful assortment of birds and insects into your yard with sprays of eye-catching and fragrant flowers.

To attract more butterflies, consider planting flowers that are red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple, as those colors attract adult butterflies most. It's also best to place them into direct sunlight to make them more appealing for your winged friends.

To attract birds, it's essential to have at least one source of water, such as a birdbath. And for bees, wildflowers are best, just like with butterflies.

#3: Edible Beauty

There's no longer a need to keep your lettuce and cucumbers hidden away. Incorporate the beautiful and varied colors of your edible plants into your yard's landscaping.

While it's important to keep similarly growing plants together (full sunlight, partial sunlight), the possibilities for incorporation truly are endless. Do you feel like your garden needs a pop of color—why not add some chili peppers alongside your blue hydrangeas for a truly refreshing contrast? Create a beautiful rainbow-colored garden right in your own backyard that will leave you feeling cheery and at ease.

The possibilities are endless. Consider one (or all) of the above options when planning your own backyard oasis. Whether you decide to keep your garden fully-grown or perfectly manicured, you can still attract wildlife and add beautiful sprays of color all around that will keep your garden lively and peaceful. 

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