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Learn How To Customize A Futon To Make It Unique And Interesting

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Futons are inexpensive pieces of furniture that are often a staple when someone is first starting out on their own. A futon is a couch that can convert into a bed when needed. The only downfall to a futon is that they all look pretty much the same. Fortunately, you can use the following guide to learn how to make your futon unique and interesting.

Customize the Frame

The most inexpensive futons come with a metal frame. The frame consists of many bars that work together to create a support system for the mattress. The frames typically come in black, white, or silver colors. This is not very fun or exciting. Take the frame outside and lay set it up on an old sheet. Use a brightly colored can of metal spray paint to paint the entire frame. If you want to make the frame look unique, you can use painter's tape to wrap every other bar and then paint the futon a different color. This will create a multi-colored frame.

Tie-Dye the Mattress Cover

The futon mattress cover can be removed by unzipping the side of the cover and pulling the mattress from it. Take the cover and bunch it together. Use rubber bands to gather the cover in many different places. Add a few tablespoons of a bold color of fabric dye to a bathtub filled halfway full with warm water. Submerge the cover in the dye and leave it alone for ten minutes.  Drain the tub and rinse the cover with cool water until no more dye comes out of it. Remove the rubber bands and wash the cover in the washing machine. Dry it on a low setting in the dryer and then place the mattress back into the cover.

Customize Pillows

Use a bleach pen to draw designs on throw pillows to use on the futon. You can write phrases on the pillows or simply create simple designs that will complement the futon nicely.

You can now place the mattress back on the frame and you should have a unique looking futon. The tie-dyed futon cover will look interesting and can easily be swapped out with any other cover you choose to dye whenever you want. It allows you to customize the look in your home as often as you would like without having to put forth a lot of effort. Get a few covers, from a place like Creative Furniture Outlet, and dye them numerous colors so you can constantly change your décor.