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How To Tell If Your Foundation Needs Repairing

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Just the thought of foundation problems can strike terror in the minds of most homeowners. After all, your foundation holds up the rest of your home, and it's not like you can easily remove it and replace it with another foundation. However, ignoring a foundation problem can end up costing you much more than dealing with the issue as soon as you sense there's something wrong. It's a good idea to make a habit of inspecting your foundation and your home thoroughly once or twice a year to look for signs that you might need repairs.

Signs that your foundation needs repairing

1. There are cracks on your inside and outside walls. While all houses shift slightly on their foundation as they age, major cracks to the interior or exterior walls are a sign that your foundation is moving more than is desirable. These cracks don't have to be in the basement. They can be located anywhere inside or out.

2. Your windows and doors don't open and close easily. A house that has shifted will cause the windows and doors to be less than plumb, making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to open, close and stay shut. You may also see gaps around the top and/or bottom of the doors.

3. Your floor slopes dramatically. The floors in most homes slant slightly over time. However, if your floor slopes dramatically, it's likely a sign that you have an issue with your foundation and/or your support beams. It's time to call a foundation repair specialist.

4. Your basement walls are bowed. Another sign of a significant foundation problem is having basement walls that either bow out or bow in. This is caused by soil outside of your home expanding when it's wet and pushing against the walls of your foundation, eventually weakening them.

5. You have cracks in the exposed concrete blocks around the base of your home. Expanded and contracting earth around your foundation can also cause the concrete blocks near the base of your home to crack, allowing moisture to enter your home and further compromise your structure.

While spending money to repair your home's foundation isn't very attractive to most homeowners, ignoring a foundation problem can lead to major structural damage and much more costly repairs in the future. It's wise to keep an eye on your foundation and be alert to any signs of damage.

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