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Make A Hanging Flowerbed With An Old Gutter

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Make an original looking flowerbed that can be hung from your porch. Use an old gutter for the base of the flowerbed and add decorative twine to hang it up. Plant your favorite types of high quality flower bulbs and water them each day. Within a couple months, you will have beautiful flowers growing that can be enjoyed whenever you sit on your porch. Follow the steps that are listed below to complete this activity.

Use These Supplies To Make A Flowerbed

  • rain gutter (lead free)
  • garden hose
  • exterior spray paint
  • painters tape
  • electric drill
  • drill bits
  • decorative twine
  • scissors
  • ceiling hooks
  • ruler
  • flower bulbs
  • shovel
  • potting soil
  • plastic sheeting

Wash And Paint The Gutter

Use a gutter piece that is lead free so that the flower bulbs are not exposed to toxic conditions which can damage the root systems. Rinse the gutter off with a hose and set it on the plastic sheeting to dry. Spray exterior paint onto the surface from a couple feet away. One or two coats of paint will be enough to cover the gutter.

If you would like the flowerbed to be more colorful, cover specific areas of the gutter with painters tape while applying the first color of paint. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and cover the areas that have been painted. Spray the other sections with a different color of paint.

Drill Holes For Drainage And Hanging

Make drain holes on the bottom of the gutter with a drill. Use a ruler to determine where to place each hole so that they are evenly spaced. Use a small drill bit to make each hole. Place a hole on each side of the gutter. The twine will be inserted into these holes so that you can hang up the flowerbed. Cut two pieces of decorative twine that are the same length. Insert one piece into each hole. Knot the ends so that they are secure.

Fill The Flowerbed

Place a couple inches of potting soil into the bottom of the flowerbed. Put the bulbs on top of the soil and then cover them up with more soil. Fill the container up and smooth down the soil. Add some water to the container. Hang the flowerbed up from ceiling hooks that you have installed on your porch. The flowers will be easy to care for since they will be right outside your door. If the weather is bad or the temperature is cold, you can bring them in until it is nice outside again.